Heat flow and heat radiation


Heated towel rail gives warm air. It is distributed by the convection (air flow) in the room. The heat transfer from a heated towel rail to a living environment divides with the heat flow (convection).

Heat flow (convection)

The convection takes place due to (by use of) thermal movement of the air. The heated air rises from a heated towel rail and follows the cold air in the ground level.

There is a transport of molecules in the form of airstream. Heat energy will devolve, in which a fluid between a warmer and a cooler rail circulates (i.e. the warm air – fast molecule, increase to a place of the cold air – slow molecule) and so it will give heat energy.

The warm air from the heated towel rail will distribute in the room as soon and as well as it possible. This will work if the recalculated air is in the room.

The hot air from a heated towel rail surges up and equably shares in the room. The higher the flow temperature of the heating system is, the greater the surface temperature of the heated towel rail and the proportion of heat convection will be.

If the heated towel rail stands by the window, in a cold part of the room, then the warm air will rise very well, and the circulation of the entire air in the room will also better (the hot air rises in cold air better).

 Heat radiation


The heat radiation is also a process of energy and heat dispersion.

The heat radiation with contrast to the heat conduction and to the heat flow is separate with an energy source stuff. The heat radiation has no heat exchange.

An example of thermal radiation is a tiled stove. In this case the heat transfer is on form of an electromagnetic wave/radiation (infrared emission). At first are heated the objects in the room. The air is heated only of secondary importance.

The heated towel rails, design radiators and tube-type radiators by Polywarm Germany GmbH are made of low-carbon steel. For this reason, our production has very well heat flow and heat radiation (in 2-3 times more than from a stainless steel). With production of Polywarm Germany GmbH there will be always warm and comfortable in your house.



Cleaning of the heated towel rail is important. First of all this is the way to care about hygiene in the room. Second of all, the cleaning will make your heated towel rail shining and sprucely.

Heated towel rails have a disadvantage. It's a bit complicated to clean them. That is why we want to give you some tips to make cleaning the heated towel rail easy and enjoyable.

It is said that the traditional heated towel rails (with the horizontal tubes) are dust catcher. So, if you have this kind of heated towel rail, you should read the following tips about allowable cleaning:

1)    First, clean the radiator with hand brush or feather duster (the heated towel rail has to be dry).

2)    Take the wiping cloth or wet cleaning rag. Then make it around the first tube of the heated towel rail and wipe each tube one by one.

3)    If there will still be dusts or dirt on the heated towel rail, then you should use the cathartic.

4)    If you have wiped the heated towel rail with cathartic, then you should rinse it again with clear water.

This is description of good, searchingly and quick cleaning for your heated towel rail. The best time for cleaning heated towel rail is after the heating season. But you should also do a deep cleaning before the heating season has begun.

It is very easy to clean our heating towel rails. Production of our company has double polymer powder coating with qualitative color. That is why heating towel rails, design radiators and tube-type radiators of Polywarm Germany GmbH will always look good. In addition to that, the water spots on the surface of our products won’t be visible.



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